“Asks more from those who have less and less from those that have more” as stated by Steny H. Hoyer the No.2 House Democrat.1

As reported in the New York Times on 5/11/12 the House voted to shelter the $55 million automatic cuts for the Pentagon as agreed to in last year’s contentious debt ceiling deal. This continued the Republican ideologic strategy to demolish vital social programs for the less fortunate while at the same time preserving military budgets and what many feel are unjustifiably low tax rates for the very richest among us.2
Of the total $310 million in domestic cuts almost one-third directly affects programs that serve moderate and low income people. These include severe cuts to food stamp programs, children’s health insurance and Medicaid. Also included is the elimination of the Social Services Block Grant, which provides states and local government help for those people struggling to get by in these harsh economic times. Such programs as Meals-on-Wheels, child abuse prevention and others will be severely limited. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that as a result of these cuts more than 20 million children would face reduced food and nutritional support; 300 million would be eliminated from existing from school lunch programs and the same number would lose access to the State Children’s Health Insurance program.3
On top of all these draconian measures, this House approved budget would eliminate a new fund to help the government liquidate failed giant financial institutions, to avoid the horrendous 2008-9 tax payer bailouts from being necessary again. Also slashed was one-half of the budget for the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Agency, set up to protect unwary consumers from predatory lending and other abuses.4 It is important to remember that this agency, proposed as part of the Dodd-Frank bill, was finally established after strong Republican objections and its leader installed only after a recess appointment by President Obama.
IPPA strongly feels that this House Republican budget is both unjust and inhumane and should never become the law of this land, where founding values include fairness and justice for all.

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IPPA refers interested and supportive readers to three previous website entries of Jan 11 and 24th and May 8th for information on importance of consumer protection, Republican ideology and national erosion of unity.

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