About IPPA

The Interfaith Partnership for Political Action was formed by a group of concerned, progressive Michigan citizens to promote a renewal and restatement of the core ethical and spiritual values upon which our nation was founded. These values, which form the basis of all the world’s religions, make up the core principles of IPPA.

Our goal is to inform the voting public of its right to expect its elected and appointed officials to embrace these values – and the moral imperatives they imply — in formulating policy. We plan to provide the public with tools to assess whether incumbents and candidates do so.We base our political actions on our belief in equal worth and dignity of all individuals and respect for all human life. These two principles provide the basis and imperative for the other shared principles which include; sanctity of the planet earth, tolerance for each other, respect for privacy, pursuit of knowledge and the need for trust and trustworthy leadership.


By renewing and emphasizing these core values we seek to provide a counterweight to those who promote exclusivist policies and who claim those who disagree with them lack moral standards. Our aim is to focus attention and discourse on the moral imperatives underlying specific social policy issues such as health care for the uninsured, educational vouchers for high school graduates and legal abortions. We advocate that social policies rooted in our shared core values serve us better than policies based primarily on a purely economic model that says material success alone is the best measure of human happiness and wellbeing. We feel that moral guidance based on these core principles will help to inform, modify, and strengthen other reasons for social policies that rely solely on the standard economic model.


IPPA began its political work locally by sharing views on policies and ethics with candidates for the State legislature and for US House of Representatives. Then we expanded to hold town meetings sponsored by county Democrats in two northwestern Michigan counties and another candidate for US Congress. From all of these experiences we received positive endorsement of our values based approach. We would like to spread our work beyond Michigan and are hoping to interest like minded people as well as political candidates all over the country.


IPPA is not a religious group, although we represent a broad spectrum of spiritual backgrounds (Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Humanism, Judaism, Islam, Quakerism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Unitarian-Universalism).  We share a belief in a set of guiding principles that both celebrate America’s diversity and tap into the vision first articulated by our founding fathers.