Mission Statement & Goals

IPPA intends to promote the renewal and restatement of the core ethical and spiritual values upon which our nation was founded, and to bring them to bear upon today’s political processes.

IPPA is bipartisan and seeks only to ensure that ethical values are paramount in the setting of priorities and in the formulation of public agendas, policies, and legislation.

IPPA will argue for certain policy goals and initiatives, but does not necessarily advocate for particular means to meet our nation’s challenges.

IPPA Goals

  1. Inform the voting public of its right to expect its elected and appointed officials to embrace important ethical values, as well as their implied moral imperatives, in the conduct of government, and provide the public with tools to assess whether incumbents and candidates do so.
  2. Inform office seekers that they must clearly articulate the ethical values that will guide them in the conduct of the offices they seek.  Make them aware of the need for moral imperatives based on our core values, to temper the purely economic model in policy recommendations. This approach will help progressive candidates overcome the strong appeal of narrow minded values espoused by the religious right.