Pursuit of Knowledge

The responsible pursuit of knowledge promotes the well-being of individual lives, as it opens the door to an individual’s skills and interests and encourages independent thought and action. Knowledge can foster healthy lives for all as we learn about our bodies, our physical environments and our social behavior.

  1. Education provides the means for understanding the world and its variations and complexities. It also prepares the individual to be a well-informed participant in a democratic society. We therefore support a strong Head Start program, parenting education, strong public education for grades K-12 as well as federal loans, grants and scholarship programs to enable all qualified students from all economic classes to finish college.
  2. We need to protect freedom of thought and expression.  Original and innovative thinking is essential to a vibrant economy. Access to information and open debate keep our government transparent and honest and accessible to citizens. Freedom to speak one’s beliefs and to criticize individuals, institutions, government or society in general without fear of being labeled disloyal or unpatriotic is fundamental to our national identity.
  3. We should insist on fact-based governmental policy decisions, encouraging reliance on non-partisan advisory boards and treating with skepticism decisions based on information obtained primarily from lobbyists and like-minded interest groups.
  4. We should restore the pre-eminence of peer-reviewed scientific evidence to achieve policy decisions.
  5. We need to encourage inclusive open public debate and inquiry into our decision making for our most pressing problems.
  6. We need to encourage the break-up of media monopolies, which when unchecked lead to one-sided, non-objective views of this country and the world.