The Need for Truth and Trustworthy Leadership

A bond of trust between government and its citizenry is essential if we are to maintain non-coercive order in our communities and our larger society. Such order is a precondition for our survival and well-being as individuals and as communities. Trust is both an essential value and a universal human emotion that should be encouraged. At its core is consistency and predictability within human relationships. Trust is the basis of successful cooperation and fosters well-being and harmony within the community.

  1. Trust is undermined when the national administration rules with pervasive cronyism and when appointments of government officials reflect their special ties to corporate wealth and influence. To govern wisely and efficiently, our leaders should select the most qualified and principled people available for the job, not people whose primary qualification is loyalty to a particular administration, political party, or economic interest group.
  2. We should restore the trust between citizens and their government. Our public institutions are strengthened by high standards of honesty, openness and fairness in all government policy making. Public trust is eroded when legislators and other public officials indulge in corrupt behavior, lying, excessive secrecy, and conducting public affairs for their personal gain at the cost of public good
  3. Truth is the foundation of moral leadership.