Tolerance and Privacy

We believe that the best answers to questions about the well-being of human life emerge from a full discussion of diverse and sometimes competing alternatives. Plurality promotes long-term successful solutions to physical and social problems. Tolerance and respect for privacy in turn promote pluralism.

  1. We must work toward a sustainable social environment that respects the differences between the many diverse groups in our society. These differences include gender, physical ability, age, race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. There should be no discrimination of any kind against members of these groups. All people should be treated equally unless there is a need for special support.
  2. We strongly object to federal or state support of faith based organizations that promote religious discrimination among their employees.
  3. We support the privacy rights of individuals as a basic value of our society foreshadowed in our Constitution. These rights include protection of freedom against intrusive searches and the right to read, watch, communicate and associate as one wishes in private.